Who is chachi dating over 40s dating uk

She is a beautiful young lady of 21-years-old, who is expert in attracting guys with her perfect grace moves in the beat.

When everybody is behind Chachi, there is someone for whom Chachi's heart beats. He is Josh Leyva who is famous for his youtube videos.

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But, often her relationship news also takes the spotlight.

Having had maintained a still love life for three years now, Chachi Gonzales, an American dancer, and choreographer is the one you should be looking.

Check out the tweet; An amazing dancer, Chachi Gonzales is known for her outstanding choreography.On his main channel Yo Muscle Boii, he creates characters to play in comedic sketches and shorts.He has a younger brother named Mark and his mother often appears in his videos.You Tube phenomenon best known for his two channels Yo Muscle Boii which has over 1.6 million subscribers, as well as yojoshyboii, with over 225,000 subscribers.He uploaded his first video called "You Ain't a Guido" on September 29, 2011.One of the crews there was Marvelous Motion, whose members (Phillip Chbeeb, Di Zhang and Brandon Harrell) would later become her fellow crew members in I.a M.m E.


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