Dating relationships and the bible

God loves us, and He does not want us to fail in life.But that sometimes means that He will not give us what we want when we want it because He knows the positive or negative results of our truest desires.The reason why this scripture is important is because of the principle of being unevenly yoked.The Bible is very clear about what could happen if a Christian marries a non-Christian.CLOSING PRAYER: “Lord, we accept your truth regarding dating.Please equip us to commit to your word and to quick repentance of relational sin.A Christian dating relationship is a lot easier to follow than some may think.The reason why this type of relationship is easy to follow is because the Bible provides all of the information for a successful relationship.

And that's totally okay by us because we're glad you're looking for biblical answers to these questions rather than trying to figure out the whole dating thing on your own or basing your actions on what the world tells you to do (2 Peter ).

God’s word gives us criteria for dating and marriage, although singleness is also a calling.

Our devotion and love for God should always come before our affection for others.

If you want to shoot for a lifelong, God-honoring union with your best friend, then that is when you know it's time to start a romance (Genesis ; Matthew 19:5).

When in doubt, ask God for guidance and be prepared to trust and obey Him.


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