Dating a man who is always broke

My theory is that in the beginning, most women don’t know the guy is a deadbeat loser.He probably is reasonably attractive and tells a good story about his current situation and his ambitions.Our late teens and 20s are notorious for ‘paying your dues’ work-wise, also known as working your butt off for low pay.So if your loved one is slaving away but not earning much, consider going easier on them.

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“Money reflects our values,” says Paula Hall, a Relate counsellor.

There are countless posts online where women complain about their deadbeat boyfriends for never paying for anything, never buying them gifts, always playing video games all day long while still living at home in their parent’s basement, and never holding on to a job for more than a year to save their lives.

Yet, these women still latch on, hoping they’ll one day change their man for the better.

But that’s not the biggest reasons I wanted to write this article…

I’m sad to say it, but growing up I seen these things happen to my very own mother.


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